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Our private label isn’t available just for private label accounts. All accounts have access to shop our private label inventory.

Since Nouveau Riche Apparel specializes in private labeling, majority of our product is available in our private label inventory.

For accounts that chooses not to set up private labeling, merchandise will ship with “Nouveau Riche” labels.

Private label styles have a minimum order quantity of 3 pieces per style.

Processing time for private label inventory is 9-14 business days since these items come directly from our factory.

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Pick and Pack! is our inventory located right in our Miami, FL warehouse. These items are already packaged with Nouveau Riche labels and ready to ship same day.

Pick and Pack! is also for our drop ship 1 accounts. This is the inventory you will list on your website to sell to your customers.

Processing time for Pick and Pack! is 1-2 business days.

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Bundles are items that when purchased together are at a discounted rate. We select items in bundles that sell well together, create a cohesive line, and best sellers.

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At times there may be the option to preorder select styles. Preorders are items that are in production but are not quite ready to ship. You will have the opportunity to reserve your inventory before the item launches!

Preorder ship dates will be specified under each preorder item.

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Mr.Riche is our men’s wholesale apparel. Mr.Riche is also available for private labeling with a minimum order quantity of 3 pieces per style. Colors and sizes can be mixed to meet the 3pc minimum.

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Although accessories are not yet available for private labeling, Nouveau Riche Accessories does have a minimum order quantity of 3pcs per style.

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