Drop Ship 2 Program

Looking for someone to handle your logistics but need more inventory options other than what's available in our Drop Ship 1 Program? Looking to private label your drop ship inventory?

Drop Ship 2 allows our buyers to focus on running their business while we handle your logistics. We reserve space for your inventory within our warehouse with NO rental fees! You are then allowed to purchase any styles from our website to have moved to your inventory. You now own this inventory which means no other buyer has access to your inventory.

Nouveau Riche Apparel will then ship your orders for you as you receive orders from your customers.

This is a great option for buyers that do not have space to hold inventory, the time to handle shipping orders, would like to private label their items, and does not want to compete with other buyers selling our drop ship inventory.

With Drop Ship 2, Nouveau Riche Apparel will also handle your returns should you accept returns from your customers. Returns will be processed and entered back into your inventory.

Currently, we send regular inventory updates so that you are always aware of what you have available in your warehouse. Soon we will have those updates digital where you can check your own inventory storefront directly on our website. Only you, and anyone you grant access, will be able to see your storefront inventory.

Any questions, or to get set up, please contact our Sales Team at sales@shopnouveauriche.com.

Drop Ship 1

Sell First, Order After
  • List styles from our drop ship inventory
  • Pay after your customer orders
  • Inventory updates
  • Order samples

Drop Ship 2

Reserve Before You Sell
  • Exclusive rights to your inventory. No competition.
  • Your very own warehouse space.
  • Nouveau Riche handles your returns
  • Option to private label

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